The thrill of making fantasy creations come to life with balloons as my medium in person is an exciting and unique experience for all.

Make any venue large or small come to life with arches, giant flowers and themed designs.

Unique gifts memorable to all - flowers, holiday themes, characters, favorite hobbies and even the people themselves - nothing can escape Candy's imagination.

Balloon Education for adults and children. With fun and comedy bring your stage to life with balloons.  All Interactive shows - fairy tales, safety show, history of balloons, and fun balloon shows. There are some stories that can only be told through movement and I can bring your ideas to life.

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No matter the language, in my world it all means beautiful - Balloons / Globo / Balon /  气球  / Ballon / Palloncino /  バルーン  / Balãoвоздушный шар /   বেলুন   / Ballong / Puto / փուչիկ / Lobo

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insured Balloon Artist / Magician
& Party Specialist / Habla espanol

Balloon  education & shows

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In person twisting

let my art with Balloons share your expression

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